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The Earth Alliance – Global Starseed Ascension Symptoms Elevated

Great One,

Can you feel the heightened energy levels tonight?

Light leaders from all around the world have received large numbers of ascension symptom reports from Starseeds today, as another major solar flare is currently heading toward Earth.

According to the Earth Alliance, large Sunspot AR3234 released an extreme ultraviolet flash 36 Earth hours ago that registered close to an X-class. Starseeds are bracing now as a dense plasma cloud is inbound for Earth, with an ETA of March 4th at 11:11 AM. Solar winds are rising, and strong geomagnetic storms are expected when exotic particles from this latest flare enter Earth’s atmosphere. A moderate space weather and tectonic plate watch are in effect now, as more strong flares are expected over the coming hours.

On top of this huge flare, two powerful cosmic waves originating from the galactic core, registering in the 40-hertz, fifth-dimensional range, also impacted the surface at approximately 6 AM EST this morning.

Great One,

The Pleiadians say that the Sun has entered a historical phase of heightened activity, and it is bombarding Earth with one super solar flare after another. As this high-frequency light streams into the planet, all DNA is being restructured to operate at a more advanced level.

To ease the effect that this light has when it enters the human body system, be sure to ingest only light, energy foods and drink lots of pure water. Slow down, rest, and even take some time out. Ground yourself in nature, meditate daily, and keep those crystals nearby to channel this powerful energy through your body and into the Earth.

Hang in there, and don’t forget to breathe.

Stay tuned for updates.

Let us know how you are doing on your ascension journey, and feel free to share any ascension symptoms you may be experiencing at this time.

Michael and the Pleiadians

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  1. I was born for this time 1-29-1964 … 1111 1 everything experienced and lived prepared me and I am so very grateful… nature animals trees and the wind ohhh I love her… trusting the universe and staying in a high frequency… much love to all and many each moment be of goodness and joy… thank you so much

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