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A New Day Is Dawning On Planet Earth!
A New World Is Emerging As The Starseeds Unite to Raise The Frequency Of This Realm.
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What is 5D New Earth?

Planet Earth, already exists in all twelve dimensional levels of this universe. A dimension is not a place but is a state of being or state of consciousness where one manifests and perceives a more beautiful and advanced outward physical reality.  Earth is not moving into the fifth dimension, the sentient human beings of Earth are!

Humanity was manipulated by nefarious beings to exist in the low-vibrational third dimensional matrix for the last 350,000 years however powerful incoming gamma light waves from the galactic core recently which are triggering a mass expansion of consciousness among the humans of Earth. Furthermore, there are masses of Starseeds stationed on the surface of the Earth right now that came here on a grand mission to help humanity transition from 3D to 5D. Earth starseeds are here to hold high-vibrational light in their physical bodies, anchoring it to the crystalline grid of Planet Earth. These light beings from the stars are here holding this light on behalf of all humanity until humanity is able to hold the light for themselves. This is why you are here right now reading these very words. If you will simply open your heart a bit and listen along you are going to find out everything! It is truly the most amazing story every told, the story of YOU.

As more and more surface beings wake up in Earth year 2022, the old control paradigm is falling apart and the 3D matrix is quickly dissolving.  The beings of Earth are now ready to evolve to the next highest level which is the 5th Dimension. The evolutionary journey to 5D involves much inner work to ascend up through the transitionary 4th dimension. For one to move to the fifth dimensional reality they simply must increase the vibrational speed of their being so they are in resonance with 5D. This increase in vibration creates a corresponding expansion of conscious awareness that enhances the outward reality perceived by the senses.

5D is the Gamma state of consciousness which resonates in the 40-100 Hertz frequency range and it’s outward manifestation has been called heaven, nirvana, samadhi and bliss. When we say we are manifesting The New 5D Earth, we mean “heaven on earth”. 5D New Earth is a realm of peace, love, abundance, perfect health, joy and freedom. 5D New Earth is not just some utopia dream, it is the evolutionary destiny of Planet Earth that every advanced culture of Earth has spoken about. Ancient writings of the great white brotherhood speak of the Event and the grand solar flash which is due to occur in this modern time. This grand flash of cosmic light is the primary event that will quickly raise consciousness levels on Earth, propelling humanity fully into the higher fifth dimension.

“We the Pleiadians are here en masse, deployed from the sky to the ground in service for humanity’s grand ascension. We are here with you and we will stay with you until all things on Earth are fulfilled.”


Michael and the Pleiadans

The Grand Solar Flash!