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Real Time Space Weather Tools

Why Do We Watch Space Weather?

Earth’s Sun is undergoing an energetic transformation as cosmic waves from the galactic core are interacting with it on a daily basis now. It is known that a major wave of cosmic light is the primary event that activates all dormant human DNA strands and raises the consciousness level of humanity to the fifth dimension. A cosmic solar event like this occurs on Earth every 13,000 years and has happened 5 times in Earth’s past. This solar flash event is due again, now!

Schumann Resonance Graph Live

 Solar Wind Speed:


Solar Wind Alert Level:

Space Weather News

Space Weather News

Solar Activity 24 Hour Summary

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Solar Activity Forecast

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Space Weather Advisory

Space Weather Advisory in Progress

Solar Flare Information



Solar Flare Information

Primary Solar Flares in the Last 24 Hours (UTC)

    Total Primary Flares in the Last 24 Hours (UTC):

    WSA-Enlil Solar Wind Prediction

    Solar Proton Storm Level

    Solar Proton Event Level

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    Ascension Symptoms Tracker

    Ascension Symptoms Tracker

    Symptom List

    • headaches
    • dehydration
    • dizziness
    • migraine
    • feeling disoriented
    • feeling super tired
    • sleep difficulty
    • vivid dreams
    • body aches
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